Saturday, February 11, 2017

 This moment.  It is all we really have. Whether it's happy or sad it is all we have.  We create our life second by second and day by day. This moment builds upon other moments and each moment & each day is sacred. It is life. It is living. It is worthy of being the best it can be.  And in that way life becomes the best it can be.

 Last January, I began a yoga practice. I came to realize it was about more than physical flexibility. It was about focus, about confidence and strength of body and inner soul.  During my current travel adventure, which began this past September, yoga became difficult due to space constraints in many places I was staying and with the long drives. This January I began meditating. I discovered meditation brings me an inner calm and clarity. It grounds me to life & to my self. It brings me a feeling I have always found in nature, a connection to a higher power and the infinite. 

 Through meditation, I am living so fully in each moment of this riotous glorious beautiful life. 

Recently I discovered Insight app. It offers both a timer method and wonderful guided meditation and music.  It was through this app that I discovered Sarah Blondin and her Live Awake podcasts. They are inspirational, full of beautiful insight, powerful & moving. 

I often joked that I wish I had an "off button" when my brain kept going. All I had to do was sit with my breath. 

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