My soul and creativity flourish in wild places and I am a bit of a wanderer. My photography is an expression of my love of beautiful light, the surprises found in a garden or nature, quiet but powerful still life’s and the feeling of Lake Michigan and Up North nature. I create photographs that cultivate memories of my days spent wandering through the woods at my grandfather’s farm and playing in the garden with my Aunt Anna. It is my hope that my work evokes good thoughts and feelings in the viewer. What inspires me? Exploring endlessly & wandering down less traveled roads, nature, flowers, 1920's art, shadow/light, playing with color and of course a foggy morning. I'm delighted and humbled that my art has taken up residence on walls all over the world in businesses, homes, college dorm rooms, rustic camp cottages and coffee houses. I smile and laugh a lot, love vintage maps, the color aqua, embrace the richness of minimalism and believe in karma & goodness.