Monday, May 29, 2017

 When I arrived in Maine at the beginning of May for my art retreat, just a hint of Spring green was visible in the trees - signs that new life was about to awaken. I came here to learn new art techniques specifically watercolor, and I'm leaving with a renewed sense of creativity and and a passion for watercolor.  I got out of my comfort zone! It's been an amazing month!  And since arriving, the world has turned green and is blooming profusely! Leaves are out on the trees, azaleas and lilacs are in  bloom. Everywhere there are flowers and birds singing! It's been a slow and beautiful spring season.

On this adventure, I explored Islesboro and Vinalhaven islands. The ferry ride out in the sea is wonderful! Other days I explored Rockland and Camden. But mostly, I painted and watched online classes I had purchased with Danielle Donaldson. Her enthusiasm was contagious! My time in Maine is coming to a close, but my painting will continue. Since I'll be traveling, I wanted to have small watercolor palettes I could easily carry along.

 I got some half pans at Rockport Blueprint, as well as some small self stick magnets & a great little watercolor journal. Then on my way back to my studio I got a couple of ALTOID tins. Now I have a couple small limited palettes to easily take with me while on my journey to Nova Scotia!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

My mom passed away 23 years ago. She had just turned 58. When I laugh, I hear her. My laugh has become her laugh. I've become my mother in wonderful ways... I laugh a lot, I remain naive in a beautiful way where I still believe in miracles & good things & beautiful souls. She was like that. She was unwavering in her loyalty to friends & enjoyed the simple things in life - a good laugh & a good book, time spent with family & friends, working in the garden, singing at the top of her lungs, a good sale! We can allwax poetic about Moms on Mother's Day & do the pedestal thing. My mom was human & ordinary, but that made her extraordinary. She loved with the best ability of her heart & parented as a single mom, the best she knew how & even when she might falter, it was always made better with a hug & an "I love you." She taught me to be human & she tried to understand me even though we were different in many ways. But when I laugh, I hear her still... somehow over the years, my laugh has become her laugh - & it's music to my ears.

Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mom. 


Monday, May 8, 2017

For my whole ride on this planet, I've been experiencing it all through my eyes. It's how I'm wired. A camera has been in my hand since I was 9, and it gave life to my vision, to my perception of the world with colors, and lines and light. Later, my emotions and spirituality seeped into my photographic work to give it life and spirit. It has always been second nature.... it just comes out of me intuitively.

This month, I'm at an art retreat where I'm giving myself the gift of time to learn new art forms. The first two days have been a little frustrating and eye opening! I wanted to learn & create beautiful things quickly - the way I can create art with my eyes & camera. I guess we all want to get to the jackpot fast... to buy the winning lottery ticket...  find true love on the first date... I'm guilty! I had visions of creating some kind of amazing piece in the first day, intuitively and naturally! But I'm realizing that most of life is starting at the beginning with basics and building a foundation. So I'm taking it slow, and letting myself settle in to enjoy playing, and learning & creating. The Joy is in the process! It's good to learn new things and keep ourselves fresh - and humble!