Saturday, February 11, 2017

 This moment.  It is all we really have. Whether it's happy or sad it is all we have.  We create our life second by second and day by day. This moment builds upon other moments and each moment & each day is sacred. It is life. It is living. It is worthy of being the best it can be.  And in that way life becomes the best it can be.

 Last January, I began a yoga practice. I came to realize it was about more than physical flexibility. It was about focus, about confidence and strength of body and inner soul.  During my current travel adventure, which began this past September, yoga became difficult due to space constraints in many places I was staying and with the long drives. This January I began meditating. I discovered meditation brings me an inner calm and clarity. It grounds me to life & to my self. It brings me a feeling I have always found in nature, a connection to a higher power and the infinite. 

 Through meditation, I am living so fully in each moment of this riotous glorious beautiful life. 

Recently I discovered Insight app. It offers both a timer method and wonderful guided meditation and music.  It was through this app that I discovered Sarah Blondin and her Live Awake podcasts. They are inspirational, full of beautiful insight, powerful & moving. 

I often joked that I wish I had an "off button" when my brain kept going. All I had to do was sit with my breath. 

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

I don't know about you, but I seem to find myself apologizing for emotions or tears. Lately, I've been apologizing when I shed tears of grief that my Maggie May is gone. It's been a year after all. Why am I still crying and why does my heart still break? But, she was my 1 in a million (I think dog owners always have that extra special one) .... my travel buddy and hiking buddy and confidant and copilot in life - she was my angel with fur... and my model/muse. It is hard having this road adventure without her - my best fur friend. It was such a blessing to be able to open my heart & life up so grandly and largely to this furry soul. To be able to love so deeply is a gift and a blessing. The downside is that the heart break is also so deep.

Somehow I thought one day the missing her would ease, or the tears would stop and the apologies would come when this wasn't the case. What I now realize is that I won't ever stop missing her. And that is OK. When we lose someone (or a furry someone) it's okay to keep missing them, and to keep feeling that empty spot and to be authentic about it all. And it's okay to let someone else in (or another pet) and a new space will be filled, but that other empty spot will always be there. And just letting myself know I will always miss her and will probably always shed tears of joy but also sadness that she is gone, somehow makes me feel better. And I'm going to stop apologizing for all that. And that feels very good, too.

Begin Anywhere

Saturday, January 7, 2017

In 2017, I wish more of this for myself - more living life well, time with friends, travel, firsts, learning & beginning. All this is the real stuff of life. And I wish for you, time away from what truly doesn't matter as much in the grand scheme, & more time spent with what truly does matter. Maybe finally taking action to a realize a dream. Maybe giving up what doesn't serve you. Happy 2017 my friends!


Monday, January 2, 2017

These are my personal favorite nine fine art photographs from this year. Each one has a special meaning or memory for me. Some were taken on travels, some were taken close to home at favorite haunts. It was definitely a colorful year!! ☺ Each of these art prints can be found in my Society6 shop here:

It was an incredible year of sales,  & I'm thankful & humbled that my art has found a home on so many walls! Thank you for your support!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last January 1, I began doing yoga and it was life changing, when I thought it would just make me more flexible! At the end of my morning yoga, I would usually meditate and pray. With my recent travels, yoga is sometimes not easy due to cramped space or other reasons. But I still try to make the time to pray & meditate. This morning I woke with lots of thoughts swirling in my mind. Things aren't always easy on a travel adventure! I sat down to meditate & my mind couldn't go still....  So I began a series of letting a thought come, but not following it down the road and start to spin with it. I realized that you can have the thoughts & not fight them, to not attach to them, just let them go. That alone cleared my mind. It seems that when we "fight" against things, they grab hold. But if we let it just be, then we flow. I'm having a bit of a struggle right now as my computer has died. I want to edit my photography, and get my art where it needs to be online. But I finally realized during meditation that perhaps I'm supposed to be doing something else right now and that my art shops are actually taking care of themselves.

Often I'll get asked how this travel adventure has changed me. It's still ongoing, but I guess the easy answer is that you look at life, yourself, everything differently - with new eyes. When you do something that scares you, or that you think you cannot do - well, it stretches you,  shows a strength you didn't know you had - especially when doing a solo travel adventure. 

When I'm out hiking and photographing, I always turn around - many times - because where I just was looks so different when I turn around and look back. That is what it is like on this adventure...