Friday, September 29, 2017

A year ago today, I left my fairly predictable life behind when I sat across the table from the people who bought my home. The plan was to have a "safe" adventure, and after spending 2 days at a monastery, go to a furnished rental in Michigan for the winter and then look for a place to rent or buy. For almost a year I struggled with the decision to sell my place, where I had been  for 10 years. I loved my space and setting, and could have been quite comfortable and happy there for another 10 or more years.  I would have been content, but I would have been doing the "safe" thing, the predictable thing and stayed firmly ensconced in my comfort zone. When I listened to my gut, I knew that while I could be perfectly content there, it was time for me to move on to something new... to a new chapter and new place, as scary as that was. So I sold my place to a couple who I knew would love it as much as I had loved it.

When I was at the monastery, my plans fell apart but they also fell together into what ended up being a 1 year journey and adventure that I could never have dreamed of, let alone planned! I'm thankful I said yes to life. I have learned about faith and trust, letting go of control, letting go of expectations, going with the flow, self reliance and resilience. And in the process I met the most amazing people, forged some special friendships and make incredible memories for a lifetime. I've been inspired by incredibly beautiful areas I had never been to. I feel so very blessed and thankful that things didn't work out as I had planned. I'm looking forward to the next year while I continue to travel and wander.


  1. Glad you came to Nova Scotia Olivia!! Ya know we all love ya!!

    1. xoxo I love ya too!! :) So glad to have met you!!